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Watching the Oscars.....

February 27th, 2011 at 07:52 pm

While I could be doing many other things that's actually productive. Anyway I hope Colin Firth wins. No money spent today. No grocery done either. My fridge is empty - I hope that will not mean too many take outs. I just feel lazy and blah and unmotivated. I hope I get out of this funk soon.

Are you watching the Oscars? Who are you rooting for?

update: oh no Celine Dion is singing. I might just have to shut off the tv.

2 Responses to “Watching the Oscars.....”

  1. Jerry Says:

    And there you have it, Colin Firth DID win... well deserved, too, I might add. That was quite a performance, and I'm glad that it leads to recognition for him. He's one of the best. You just never know whether or not an actor will have any insurance of getting the accolades s/he deserves, because there are sometimes more than one deserving candidate. In this case, though, I think they got it right... although I also would not have argued with Jeff Bridges (tough to get though, since he also took one home last year).

  2. pippi.longstockings Says:

    Smile That was the only moment when I got any enjoyment out of watching the Oscars this year. Although his speech was a bit weird. Or was it just me?

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